Never lose a client or even an incoming call with extensive Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from Angel PBX. With us, you will be able to manage your clients with ease and instead of losing it you will notice an upsurge difference in your client base.


How ACD Works?

Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) understands the business and its customers. As it is highly unprofessional to make the wait for a customer, not being answered for a long time. This lowers the brands’ image and eventually, businesses tend to lose clients. To flourish in this business, creating a positive vibe is important as it does the job of transforming a caller into a customer quickly.

Angel PBX offers Advanced ACD which acquires a digital receptionist that can attend the call automatically to greet the customers. It then starts to offer an individualized pre-recorded menu while your agent is occupied with attending other calls. There are also so many options available on Advanced ACD :

  • Go to next choice
  • Return to the previous choice
  • Dial an extension
  • Repeat choices
  • Return to the previous menu
  • Call operator

We have mastered at providing premier programming hosting with PBX for businesses that focuses on streamlining the task of the operators. While the operator is on the call with the customer, he already knows the demand of the customer from the pre-recorded menu. Also, our advanced ACD will ensure that the customer reaches the preferred destination. Advanced ACD has many advantages over human receptionists. It is unbelievably quick to respond calls and can attend any number of calls at a time.

With our services you will be able to assist your callers more professionally, thus leaving you always in a win-win position. This feature is also capable of setting priorities opted by callers and deploy them for future conversations.

This is not all!!

Not only it transfers the call to the appropriate department but it also checks the vacancy of the agent and based on that adds the caller to that same extensions. Where all the agents in the department are busy, the Advanced ACD can request the callers to wait at their ease. In addition to this, these waiting calls are already listed to the callers in the queue, which makes them plan their conversation.

While the callers are waiting, Advanced ACD collects all the necessary information immediately as it saves time for both the agent and callers. With such information available, the agent would be more capable of meeting the demands of the customers. Thus customer services will be on point!