Call Blast

What is

Call Blasting?

One of the top PBX features in telecommunication genre, call blasting ensures that businesses are able to communicate with many customers simultaneousy and broadcast a pre-recorded message. You are just required to specify what message you would like to broadcast and select the set of contact numbers to be dialed. Rest will be taken care of by Angel PBX.

Call Blasting
Call Blasting Works


Call Blasting Works

The first step is to record a message that you would like to be broadcasted. Then you need to specify the numbers for your call blasting campaigns where the messages needs to be broadcasted. Once you decide the time for the Call Blast, our system calls all numbers simultaneously and plays the recorded message. You will be able to see how many are messages delivered and not sent.

It is a super effective method to inform your clients, customers, and employees about any important plan changes or updates that they should know about, all in a single go. With Angel PBX’s Hosted PBX system, you will be able to inform your clients and other stakeholders about any changes in prices and also deliver recent business information to relevant stakeholders.

This feature will help to create a long-lasting impression over your customers. It is also used for emergency alerts, marketing campaigns, surveys, etc.

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    Benefits Of Call Blasting

    # It save time & resources by reaching a to wide base of audience in short time.
    # Eliminates repetition of the messages.
    # No addtional tools or network is required.
    # It has in-built recording, logging and call statisticss
    # This feature is easy to control and setup of messages.

    Why The Angel PBX

    With our services, businesses will be able to reach a wide range of customers with single efforts. Deliver every messages in single click. Also for support we are available for, 24*7*365. We endeavor to deliver the best services and experience to our business clients so that they can reciprocate the same to their customers.