Call Forwarding

One of the most utilized features on Private Branch Exchange (PBX), call forwarding determines that each call is attended. When a call lands on a number that is not available to take the call, forwarding of call routes the call to the available agents. A business having a call center might deal with unavoidable situations where few numbers might not get received because of the call flow of incoming calls, call forwarding ensures that you don’t miss those calls.

The main advantage is selecting the number for forwarding the call. We have added more versatility by allowing you to customize different numbers for forwarding the calls. For example, when your official extension is busy the call will be forwarded to a colleague’s extension, and when a call is not answered on your official extension the call will be forwarded to your mobile number. This feature also allows routing the call to the numbers outside the network.

Call Forwarding
call pbx Forwarding

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Angel PBX offers several solutions that diminish the chances of missing any incoming calls. In addition to Call forwarding, we have offered a plethora of amazing features such as call hunt, call queue management, call parking, etc. Being hosted PBX a future of business telecommunication, with a flexible softphone set-up and an internet connection serving an HD voice quality, you will be able to connect with the world at insanely low prices.

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    Get All Your Calls Addressed With Call Forwarding

    The Hosted PBX Service that Angel PBX has curated for its users has ensured a systematic approach so that every call reaches the right destination. This extensive Call Forwarding feature has been developed to make sure that you do not miss any calls and all of them are answered. Angel PBX understands that each call brings business opportunities and hence routing the call to the available extension is pivotal. Let’s take a look at what are the solutions available with forwarding features :

    • All Calls
    • On Busy
    • No Answer
    • From Select Callers
    • Busy Line
    Smart Call Forwarding

    Note : Once the “All Calls” option is enabled, the user will be unable to customize the forwarding for the rest of the options.