Call Queue Management

The main disadvantage of traditional PBX over modern PBX was the inflexibility of calls waiting on one extension while another call is in progress. In this situation, more incoming calls couldn’t be connected.

Your business would not be able to sustain in the rush hours when the call flows will be high. Because you are missing a customer with every missed and untracked call. This is itself will going to make a huge loss for your business as you have to employ more associates and also might implement additional extensions.

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What is the Solution

What Is The Remedy?

To save customers going out of reach and spending a fortune on new operators, we would suggest you opt for our Hosted PBX services.

Angel PBX delivers quality solutions in an unimaginable cost-effective way. Experience our impeccable feature “Call Queue Management” that will ensure that all incoming calls are attended well in time. With this feature installed, operators will be aware of the number of calls in a queue which will enable them to forecast their conversation to serve the upcoming calls without making them wait for too long.

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    The productivity of your business is greatly influenced my Call Queue Management. It systematically holds incoming calls on an extension in a queue. The calls queued are instantly displayed to the softphones.

    Hosted PBX comes with amazing features like a virtual receptionist, Advanced ACD, etc. which will uplift your business image as all calls will reach its preferred destination on time. With immediate assistance and strong connectivity, diminishes all the chances of your customer looking for your substitutes. Call Queue Management works further to support the customers and operators at the same time.

    Hosted PBX comes with various customization facilities to overcome the burden of the extreme call flow. These customizations include:

    • The list of numbers waiting in the queue for the caller.
    • Deploying music/business tone.
    • Various promotional offers.
    • It requests patience.

    This feature establishes quality engagements with the call, almost eliminating the chances of hanging up. Though situation might arise where the call gets disconnected, the number will be listed to missed calls list, which means they can be connected back. Experience a smooth flow of business communication with –Angel PBX.