Call Recording


Call recording is the process of recording of telephonic conversation between individuals on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This feature is required by every business having call center setups. For numerous reason, call recording feature is used such as quality analysis, training purposes, policy, and regulatory needs, etc. We, at Angel PBX, acknowledge that the power of this feature and hence deliver high-quality recordings of all calls. In addition to this, we have made available several options to make this feature a grandeur which are :

Storage Location

This term defines the actual location where every recorded call will be stored. Angel PBX brings the rooms for cloud storage for all call recordings. Hence, these recordings are stored in a secure environment and are made available to users who have authenticity. Permitted users can download, delete or listen to the targetted call recording.
We also offer alignment of any other cloud-based platform to store and preserve the call recordings. The user can access and download the recordings at any time. The call recordings are available for 30 days on the cloud before getting delete automatically. Though you can always address our team of technicians if you are willing to opt for any changes in the default settings.

Security and Privacy

Angel PBX acknowledges the fact that recording a call from any PBX can contain important information about businesses. So, we have implemented the best cloud security techniques to deliver the best experience in secure cloud computing.
Please consider that laws addressing the call recording may differ in the different regions. We, therefore, suggest our clients cope up with the laws controlling their operations.


We offer several routes to select the appropriate modes(ends) between which the calls have to be recorded. The options are :

  • Conference Calls
  • Extension to Extension Calls
  • External Incoming Calls
  • External Outgoing Calls