Call Screen and Announce

It will be always pleased to hear an announcement on every call that goes like this

You have a call for Support from George Stanlis. To answer the call press 1, to send the call to voicemail press 2, to forward this call to another extension press 3, to keep the call on hold press 4…

Gone are the days of answering any call blindly with Angel PBX’s Call Screen and Call Announce features available with its Hosted PBX services. So now you know the name of your caller and addressing him or her directly with the name would create a professional impact. While your caller is on hold, you get the time to decide what you want to do with the call. During the hold period, they will hear customizable music or promotional offers which will educate them about your business prospects.


Take Ownership Of Your Business Communication

AngelPBX’s Hosted PBX VoIP enables you to take charge of your business calling by effectively allocating which calls to answer and which to discard. We have offered a plethora of options available for you to decide how to handle a particular call. By opting for our call screening and call announce feature, you get notifications of every i9ncoming call to make you aware of the caller waiting on another side.

We offer some impeccable features like Call Park, Call Hunt, Simultaneous Ringing, Virtual Office, Automated Attendant, Voicemail, ACD, DID, IVR, Conference calls, etc with an affordable package. Go for a free trial today to opt for this unified communication structure.

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    Hosted Pbx Voip Enhances Business Efficiency

    Our Call Screening and Call Announce feature greatly enhances the customer handling the procedure. It ensures that the caller’s name and phone number is displayed on every incoming call. Based on that you can take the following initiative :

    • Choose not to answer promotional calls by directing them to voicemail
    • Block the numbers you don’t want to call you
    • Transfer calls to other departments if meant for them
    • Utilize your time spent in answering business calls
    • Identify business and personal calls

    Based on these, the call handling procedure will improve and the following can be prioritized accordingly. Unimportant calls can be sent to voicemails, meanwhile, you will be able to focus on productive tasks. This saves a lot of your valuable time and establishes an environment of professionalism.

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