Call Waiting PBX

Generally, being busy for more time when other customers will try to reach you, will not going to good impact on your brand image. This issue will always occur with traditional business phones. While you are on call, other calls will hear a monotonous engage tone or announcement and will not be able to connect you on time. Hence, losing calls will lead to losing business. To counter this problem, you need to call waiting PBX.

With the call waiting feature on the active mode, the arriving calls will be added to the waiting queue. This will lead to better management of calls as attendants will be immediately informed about the list of waiting calls. This feature undoubtedly enables better connectivity among the employees and customers, ensuring your brand image is maintained. 

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Call Queue Management

For improved and continuous communication, Angel PBX has offered extraordinary call queue management. It helps call wait effectively and immediately. 

Now, during high call flows, the attendants will be able to see the list of callers waiting through better call queue management features. The incoming calls can be directed to the extensions who are free so that the agents attend to those calls immediately. This will let you establish a sense of responsibility to your customers.

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    Experience Better Calling With Our Hosted Pbx

    Angel PBX comes with undeniable features to help and maintain an unstoppable calling experience. Even we have stored the best service for you with the Call waiting for features. 

    Hosted PBX is for a user-friendly experience that is accessible from different devices such- PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All the features of our Hosted PBX, including Call Waiting, are completely operational on all compatible devices. Let’s take a look at the benefits of call waiting for features at a glance :

    Angelpbx Hosted Pbx

    Immediate update to agents on calls that are waiting.

    You can respond to the call on wait and keep the current call on hold.

    The flexibility of switching between calls.

    Connect the calls for conferencing