Customized Messages

Delivering the best services has no limit, and Angel PBX understands this. One of the best services provided by us is the facility of the customized message. Customized messages are individualized voice messages that are being played during a call, when the attendant is occupied with other calls or when during a conversation they have put the caller on hold while searching for information. These messages can be human voice messages or any other voices, such as- brand tone, music, etc. There is the provision of customizing these messages which bring immense credibility and positivity in your business.

Angel PBX makes utmost efforts to ensure that every call is connected to agents. Our HOSTED PBX is loaded with features like Advanced ACD, Simultaneous Ringing Feature, etc which let the callers connect with appropriate destinations even during hectic hours. By setting up the customized messages, you can pay the requisite attention to those callers who are not being assisted currently.


Significance Of Customized Message

While the agent is on call, continuous hearing of beep sound can be very annoying. Making them wait for too long will not fetch your business, however, it might help you lose a few of them. That is why Customized messages are the best way to engage customers while agents are occupied on other calls. During this time, pitching products or educating them with promotional offers can help you gain more business opportunities.

With our Customized messages services, your customers won’t feel unattended. Customized Messages are very simple and easy to setup. You can also set different customized messages for different extensions in the very same department. It gives you the complete freedom of operations with the Hosted PBX.

Angel PBX makes the best difference in providing complete business solutions in every situation. Our expert team is ready to assist you in configuring the customized messages on the Hosted PBX services. Get in touch with us.