Dial By Name

A Virtual PBX system is designed to simplify and speed up the connectivity between all the employees of the business. We, Angel PBX, offer Business Phone Service in which two features are included, such as ‘Dial by name’ and ‘Dial by extension’. These features ensure that the calling between the employees will be fast. There are numerous customization options available for the choice of dialing. With the help of these features, you can dial to your desired party without making much effort and within a shorter duration than the normal phone dialing.


How it Works?

1. Dial by Name

It has a feature of calling while detecting the name of your desired person. To avail this feature, the keypad touchtone can be used or you can simply tell the name for making the call. This feature is so unique and advanced that it can detect the number to be dialed by only the 'first name' or by ' first three letters of the first name' of your contacts. But, for this feature, you need to save the name of the desired party in the contacts.

2. Dial by Extension

It is another important feature that requires the caller to dial the extension of the desired party, instead of dialing the complete number to get connected with them. The admin of the network can set up and edit the extensions for the individual employees or departments.

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How Dial by Name/Extension Help Business Phone

Our one of the special features named as Dial by name/ extension has been exclusively programmed with the Business Phone Service to help you detect the desired extension quickly. Not only that but also the first name from the contacts and lists them immediately on the dialing party device. After making the automated searching for the ultimate result, it creates a connection by confirming the proper destination. Hence, the dialing party does not need to dig into all the saved contacts while making the call. In this regard, for the within-business calls, this feature helps to save plenty of time without making any effort as these are generally short and needed instant dialing.

Angel PBX’s “dial by name/extension” is the most popular feature for simplifying communication between the employees at the very lowest cost in its virtual PBX environment.