Do Not Disturb

Undeniably telephone services in business and our lives have made communication simpler and easy. However, sometimes this very service becomes the epitome of disturbance and create productivity issues. Angel PBX has rescued you with Do Not Disturb feature that is available with Hosted PBX which enables users to deactivate the incoming calls on their respective extensions. This feature will restrict any call on a particular user’s extension and hence he will be able to concentrate on other tasks without any unnecessary disturbances. While your extension is on “Do Not Disturb” period, calls can either be sent to the voicemail or other extensions.

While you are in serious business meetings or in between of an important task, you would certainly not want to get disturbed by any call. And it is highly unprofessional to pick up the call and tell the caller to call you later. When you are on break or calling it a day, the Do Not Disturb feature will ensure that your phone will not buzz over and over again in your absence.

“Do Not Disturb” feature will ensure that productivity doesn’t get affected because of answering unnecessary calls and you can work with ease.

Do not disturb


Implementing this service is very easy. A user needs to enable the Do Not Disturb mode on their softphone extensions. The moment this feature is enabled, it will start blocking incoming calls. To enable this feature, the user has to make the necessary changes in the settings. We have offered a provision of setting Voicemail and forwarding the call to another extension.

The function of Do Not Disturb combined with Hosted PBX will block the incoming calls from troubling you however will not affect your business. That is why forwarding calls to the extensions where agents are available will establish an environment of professionalism.