Angel PBX is the global giant in providing cloud base voice calling services to strengthen client your base for both small and medium businesses. We pledge to serve with the best uninterupted telephone connectivity at various locations, anywhere in the world to ensure peerless telephonic services. We own a team of highly efficient and specialized engineers and technicians who are ready to provide you quality assistance in no time.

A computer with a good internet connection and a headset is all that is required to get started.

It is not necessary to configure anything as all routers and firewall are knowledgable about VoIP. In case, your firewall or router is not VoIP aware, you need an internet service provider allowing traffic on the network to forward SIP port: 5060 udp to make it work.

We will provide the link to the steps of installing the softphones in your email. Once done you can log in by entering your credentials for extensions which are also provided in your email.

Let’s differentiate virtual PBX on the normal phone line with benefits. The pivotal advantage of a hosted PBX system is that it is highly cost-effective. Generally, there are zero charges on long-distance calls, which cuts down the expenses to a great level. In addition to this, the strong connectivity over mobile devices enables employees to communicate from anywhere, anytime. There was less flexibility in traditional PSTN as while the call is in progress, the line couldn’t be used for another call. However, IP PBX enables the better use of data packets over the internet, thereby improving the communication process. For any business acquiring call center solutions, the hosted PBX system is best for its convenience, dynamism, and flexibility.

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It is a mode of communication over the internet. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based VoIP protocol is used by Angel PBX to deliver business-class standard services.

It takes 2-3 hours to activate. It is advisable to connect with any of your sales representatives to get started.

A dedicated lease line is advised for VoIP services. Use of QOS which prioritizes VoIP packets is recommended for use in case the internet connection is shared with the entire office.

Self-Care Access

To login into self-care access please contact our customer service.

Contact customer service from your registered email address with the recordings you want to set and leave the further procedure to be completed by us.

Yes, it is possible to monitor agents real-time and live call is available for monitoring portal or a hosted dialer supporting the same. Check our monitoring portal section for details if you have an already existing call monitoring portal.

Yes, we do provide a call queue feature. You are advised to contact our sales department to get guidance with the procedure.

Call Monitoring Portal

Click on the call monitoring portal link provided in your account details for logging into call monitoring portal. Use the call monitoring portal username and password. to you in the account details email.

Go to “Apps”, a drop down menu appears. Click on “Call Block” and type the name you want to block. Click on “Save.”

Contact the sales team at 1-800-000-000 to add a queue to your toll-free number.

You into log in to monitoring portal to monitor live calls. Go to “status” menu, a drop down box appears. Choose “Active Calls” to monitor live calls.

For call barging, call *33(extension number). When asked for code, enter the call barging code and press # at the end.

Billing FAQs

The date for a billing cycle is your billing date, whereas, the date till which you can pay your billing amount is your due date.

If you have saved your card in the billing portal, it might get charged automatically. To ignore charging each month, remove the card from the billing portal. You can also email us at Billing department to disable automatical payment.

The Unlimited plan we provide you with comes with a Fair Usage Policy which is started to deduct the misuse of the unlimited plan. There are 3000 minutes in an unlimited plan extension, which if exceeded middle of the month, can be exceeded with more minutes.

30 days is by default the billing cycle for every account. Once you have activated the billing cycle, you cannot change it. Inform the sales team beforehand if you want to your billing cycle on the 1st of every month.