Grow your business with Call Center Solution

Looking for a call center solution for your business to simplify the interactions and connection with your customers? For the unparalleled solution, Angel PBX is here to help you out. With our call center solution, you will experience uninterrupted service and improved business communication. As we offer a hosted call center solution, you can experience an enhanced and better caller experience. This feature ensures that there will be real-time updates for the callers during the wait time with customized greetings, music-on-hold facility and so on. However, do you want to know about the call center solution in detail? We are going to make a discussion on the call center solution.

Call center solution

The first and foremost benefit of call center solution is to help in dealing with customer interactions without facing zero issues. This service is designed to create effortless voice interaction for the growth of the business. Now, with the advancement of technology, the call center solution has included different modes of communication along with voice interactions. You can avail of both outgoing and incoming call facility with track key call center metrics, workforce management, and uploading features of automated scripts. It is a new era now when your customers can reach you easily with multiple channels. Apart from voice interaction, customers prefer using live chat facilities, social media, and email. Therefore, they can avail of the customer support service which in turn makes them satisfied and also fulfills their needs. If you want to enhance customer satisfaction with the latest feature of the customer engagement technique, you can make contact with us.

Inbound call center solution

It is the main part of the call center solution that is based on dealing with incoming calls from the clients. It is not only limited in handling incoming calls but also replying to the needs of the customers. Apart from the incoming calls, there will be emails, texts and live chat queries that you have to deal with for meeting the needs of the customers. Lots of features are included in the inbound call center solutions. They are –

• Hosted IVR
• Skill-based routing skills
• Priority routing
• Time-based routing
• Queue monitoring
• Barge in and call monitoring
• Multi-channel communication
• CRM integration
• Real-time dashboard and analytics
• Call recording

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Outbound call center solution

It is all about dealing with outgoing calls to prospective customers. Along with calls, through email or SMS also, you can reach your customers and that is included in this service. Our all-inclusive outbound call center solution helps in focusing on the matter of enhancement of customer interaction and targeting specific segments. Let’s take a look at the features of the outbound call center solution –

• Preview dialer
• Progressive dialer
• Predictive dialer
• IVR blast -SMS and voice
• Call recording
• Real-time dashboard and analytics
• CRM integration
• Multi-channel communication
• Call barge-in and monitoring

So, now, it’s easy to grow your business effortlessly and reach out to the global customers easily with Call center solution of Angel PBX.

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