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Revolutionize Your Business Communications With Hosted PBX

Our Hosted PBX is a comprehensive approach to accommodate and meet all of our client’s communication requirements without bearing the expenses of installation and maintenance and technological disturbances in the traditional hardwired phone. A holistic and flexible Hosted PBX architecture which is also named as Cloud PBX, Virtual PBX or IP PBX that establishes an integration with multiple communication channels to bolster productivity, optimize powerful merger and simplified network communication.

Angel PBX’s Hosted PBX is a powerhouse of communication methodologies designed to fit with your business design, include/exclude extensions in no time, deal with thousands of incoming/outgoing calls and enable you to connect your business from any part of the world. With no installation and extra expenses to bear, you are only paying as your plan and plugging continue. With us, you can start in minutes from anywhere with limited resources you have.

What is Hosted PBX and

How it Works?

A Hosted PBX provider or host runs all the required servers at a secluded location. Hosted PBX which is also known as Virtual PBX and Cloud PBX is a highly adaptable IP-based communication service that routes and locates calls all over the Internet and enables a simplified communication structure. This form of PBX solution reduces expenditure to a great extent.

The architecture of a virtual PBX solution involves the usage of a single terminal to manage the calling business connection without changing the existing architecture. On setting up virtual PBX services, new physical set-up will not be required as it offers a plug-and-play system that helps you establish a structured customized call routing solution for enabling routing to any department. Smartphone users are benefitted in replacing smartphone’s ID with the company’s caller ID. Virtual PBX employees will be able to use VoIP desk phones or softphones to make calls via PBX.


Benefits Of Angel PBX

Hosted PBX Phone Service

# Lesser Operational Expenses
# Upgraded Customer Service
# Regional Reliability
# Accentuate Productivity
# Secured and Multi-Functional

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Hosted PBX Features

With us, all the calls are automatically recorded and stored on the secured cloud for future reference, ensuring that you won’t miss any important business information. Your conversation with your clients is equally important like your leads. The quality of time spent during every conversation is well-preserved.

We apply the best ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) techniques to set the call priority of every customer. It will connect all of your clients to your agent or someone within the company, thus ensuring every call is picked and answered and attended accordingly. This will establish trust and credibility among your valuable clients.

We will ensure that every of your call reaches the right hotspot or destination considering various factors related to call routing. An effective routing will multiply your profits and will help generate sales into an ultimate level.

With our service, your call hunting procedure of distributing phone calls becomes much more unified and simplified and yet it is cost-effective. We acknowledge that every call is important and attending them is equally required. So we have harnessed call hunting features effectively

Customize your on-hold music which will represent your campaign theme or brand’s tone to highlight your company’s professional image. This helps in building brand value to a great extent.

We will assist you with a virtual receptionist feature with whom you can co-ordinate and integrate via a consistent automated voice. The dilemmas of hiring a professional full-time receptionist will no longer linger. Hence you would never miss a lead with us.

The feature of call conferencing will connect any number of team members to a particular call at any place and in anywhere, ensuring a fast, dynamic, secure and quality solutions to all your client. Be it a project meeting, team meeting, call conferencing is a real-time connectivity method chosen by many professionals.

Any and every calls will be transferred to the right department/agent in no time, delivering the best solutions to all your callers and existing clients. With us, make the best possible use of the call transfer features by distributing all the calls systematically and diligently.

Why Angel PBX

Angel PBX ensures a versatile, secure and speedful business communication architecture connecting your entire business base and regulating the process flow through a single dashboard. With multiple layers of providing cloud-based solutions, our proficient engineers have every solution rolled up on their sleeves.

We are unmatchable because :

Delivering agile solutions according to the business needs in a cost-effective way.

Enhancing the business communication procedure for a seamless flow of operation.

Certified Professionals delivering 24/7 support services.

Our team of engineers and technicians are always a step ready to provide any communication-based solutions.

Uninterrupted communication with zero maintenance and setup costs.

Our lethal services include unmatchable support that our technicians would provide at no expense.

The facility of routing of incoming calls to reach people at any part of the globe.

Connect with anyone and with everyone with our phenomenal services and utilize the power of the Internet.

Ace and quick server replication support at unavoidable events.

Whenever faced with any challenges, our technical squad has every remedy rolled up on to their sleeves.

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Experience our professional services absolutely free with maintenance support.