Internet Fax

Fax is an important medium of communication for modern business. In many different situations, one can understand that business activities have a lot to do with fax and hence, even in this modern age, fax is considered to be an indispensable communication medium.

However, there are many disadvantages of fax, such as the restriction of physical movement, usage of paper, not being an environmentally friendly option, inconvenience while sending to numerous destinations, and so on. But, you do not need to get worried about these now. To make you experience a better way of communication with fax, We, Angel PBX, introduces the most effective medium- Internet Fax.


Fax to Email

Internet Fax helps you get all your faxes directly into the mailbox immediately at any place, and anytime. Therefore, it’s not necessary to stand just beside the Fax Machine while expecting important fax. Apart from this, Internet Fax has a lot of benefits in modern day’s business. Take a glance at the reasons which make Internet Fax as one of the best alternatives to the usual Fax:

Reduces the need of Fax Machine

In these days, space is a big issue for the property owners. Installing a fax machine in your office is quite meaningless as it consumes a huge space while doing almost nothing in most of the time. We, Angel PBX, offer Internet Fax facility that does not require any fax machine. You need only a device which can facilitate you to receive and send emails. Connect the device to the Internet and you'll start receiving and sending fax as PDF file through email.

Access the facility at any time and anywhere

Internet Fax is a complete cloud-based service from Angel PBX which can be accessed through any device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Usually, most of these devices can support PDF file format, that is why you'll never face any issue to access the data. Therefore, you can be productive 24*7 even while spending holidays.

Environmentally-friendly way

Nowadays, many big organizations are gradually adopting the latest technologies to stop the environmental pollution. Internet Fax is one such eco-friendly medium of communication which is a priority in these days. It not only saves the papers which are used for printing but also especially Angel PBX follows green computing with the help of its complete cloud-based service.

A fax machine which is always available with uninterrupted service

Experiencing delivery failure along with a busy message is quite a common scenario. However, those days are gone! While switching on to our Internet Fax service, you will never face this issue.

No need to purchase any software

We, Angel PBX, offer Internet Fax service arriving with a Hosted PBX service that is for free. Therefore, you will not feel the requirement to make purchases of additional software or other installation supports.

Email to Fax

Many special benefits are there that you can avail while using Internet Fax for the purpose of sending a fax with Angel PBX. The significant features of Email to Fax service are :


Fax to more than one receivers

With our Internet Fax, you can send a fax to several receivers not only quickly but also in a hassle-free way.


Immediate delivery notification

For those emails sent over our Internet Fax, you will instantly get the notifications whether the receiver receives the fax or it fails to reach.


Safe and end to end encrypted

Exchanging fax by using Internet Fax is secure over the cloud of Angel PBX as we follow end to end encryption. Hence, the received fax can only be read by the supposed receivers.

Fax services1

Choose the best Internet Fax service with Angel PBX

Internet fax is an extraordinary business-enhancement technique for users. However, with Angel PBX, you can enjoy the best part of it. For making you experience truly the best, we are offering :

1. Email, fax and voice communication by using the same device.
2. Instant delivery of fax to help you save time.
3. Complete setup and maintenance support from expert professionals without spending an extra penny.
4. Eco-friendly technology
5. Maximum security for the data exchanged over our cloud-based system