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Making your customers keep on hold is not at all a praiseworthy practice. In the surveys, it has found that no caller prefers to stay on hold and keeping on hold creates a negative impact on the business. However, sometimes, the circumstances make you keep your customers on hold. Due to heavy call flow, processing other customer’s request, and making important discussion with the supervisor, or for some other reason, you do not have other options than putting the important customer on hold.

On the ‘on hold’ period, it is difficult to make your customer stay on the line. Here comes the necessity of the service ‘Music On Hold’. It is a support designed especially for the callers who are kept on hold. During the ‘on hold’ period, music is played to make your caller’s wait more enjoyable.

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How Effective ‘Music on Hold’ can be

Do you want to understand the significance of Music On Hold? Then, first of all, you must be aware of the fact that without this feature what affects it can cause. As per the recent studies of some genuine sources, an operator generally makes its callers keep on hold for 15 minutes in a single day. Near about 55 percent of the callers are probably to disconnect the call while they are kept on hold for more than 30 seconds. In addition to that, when a call is disconnected, almost one-third of the customers do not call back again. So, you can obviously understand the overall business loss that is actually the result of keeping your prospective clients on hold.

However, nothing to worry! There’s a solution to save your business with the latest Music On Hold feature. With the help of this effective call management feature, you can simply avoid all the negative impacts of keeping your customers on hold. First of all, your customer will not feel bored with being on hold without any voice. Secondly, the music played during the on-hold period might be your business tone that creates a brand reputation and makes the customer get introduced with your brand. Furthermore, you can also play the music containing promotional offers which give you an opportunity for up-selling of products.

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    Customized Messages

    The best option is to use each of the moment that you have. The period of on hold can be used wisely for increasing profit or earning more revenue. When you keep your customers on hold, Angel PBX offers you the golden opportunity to use these moments as much as possible.

    We never make any restriction to play only a simple music tone for your customers who are put on hold. We provide you with a lot of options to make a good impression on the minds of your customers. With customized message option for the on-hold period, you can play music with the latest promotional offers. By doing this, you will be able to attract the customer’s attention to the products and the services. It directly enhances the chances of up-sell as well as cross-selling. Along with that, the feedbacks of the customers point out that many promotional offers during the on-hold phase generate significant business growth.