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Outbound Call Center Solutions

Since the inception of the telecommunication business, the outbound call center system played a pivotal role. Angel PBX has provided extensive outbound calling services to increase the flow of lead generation, by harnessing agents with an extensive customer database within a quick period. Outbound call center solutions also deliver businesses with a smart and comprehensive telecommunication base in the cloud to intensify efficiency across all outbound movements and also stimulate strong customer relationships.

Outbound Call Center Features

Scheduled Call Back

Build a loyal clientele which will increase customer retention rates by utilizing an automated call back system while bolstering call handling capabilities.

Call Load Balancing

We ensure that every caller gets an immediate response hi-tech and extensive load balancing technique that routes the call to available agents in no time.

Predictive Dialing

Our extensive call algorithm of hosted predictive dialers that we provide improves the calling process and increases your promotional campaign yields.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Our services will reinforce AMD accuracy by optimizing an effective way to establish and configure the advanced answering machine detection feature.

Internal DNC

The internal DNC feature that we have built-in accordance to ascertain what protocol is maintained by all and outbound call center practices are followed.


With the help of Robo-calling, pre-recorded calls can be forwarded to business’ opt-in customer lists. This strengthens efficiency and diminished time.

Automatic Script Filling Up

Using smart predictive dialing features, the most relevant script gets delivered to the agents automatically. This helps agents to efficiently tackle customer inquiries.

Dynamic Caller ID

Setting multiple caller Ids (a numeric code) will help to customize calling patterns as per campaigns which eventually improves customer service experience.

Why Angel PBX Is Your Best Choice


We provide immediate monitoring and reporting of complete outbound call center services-anywhere and anytime.


We establish easy solutions with no maintenance and setup costs.


Our services are compatible with third-party business utility software.


We help to track of availability of agents and dialing minutes.


We offer excellent quality VoIP solutions with assured 99.9% uptime.