Predictive Dialer

Optimize Outbound Calling With Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialier features that we offer, does the effective filtration to all the voicemails, wrong numbers, busy tones, fax machines and unattended calls to connect with the agents with the live calls only. This feature effectively manages the call flows and saves time and effort of the agents thereby eliminating the need for dialing and redialing. This change in telecommunication has increased productivity which generates more opportunities to transform prospective leads into revenues.

Our Predictive dialer is programmed with the advanced dialing algorithms, explores a number of factors while dialing like – number of agents , lead connectivity ratio, agents’ performance, etc. By implementing these factors, Predictive Dialer enables that all the agents stay on the call for the majority of the time at the outbound call centers.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Features

Co-ordinate Campaign Efficiently

The predictive dialer that we have designed to outshine with all types of businesses and best-fit for any diversified marketing campaign. With this best predictive dialer, incorporating and management of business any campaign becomes easy and thus exploring other positive opportunities.

Smarter Dialing

Our Predictive dialer is programmed with the advanced dialing algorithms, explores a number of factors while dialing like – number of agents, lead connectivity ratio, agents’ performance, the right time to call to customers, location of customers, etc. By optimizing these factors, productivity can be restored.

Progressive IVR

Angel PBX generates the lead conversion mechanism in speedy manner. Utilizing our Predictive Dialer outbound campaigns with IVR-based calls are automated which help businesses attain cold leads and document their response via voice detection or touchpad tone.

Real-time Scrutinising and Reporting

The highly effective call mechanisms that our Predictive Dialer to bolster your marketing campaigns and instantaneously connect with new prospective leads. Get prompt and accurate evaluating and reporting information by using our comprehensive dashboard.

Why Rely On Our Predictive Dialer Solution?

We deliver free assistance with installation and maintenance of the services, which is why we are premier choice for clients seeking for effective predictive dialers and extensive communication solutions. Let us see other benefits of our predictive dialer solution :


There is no hardware restriction.


Zero setup and activation expenses.


Our solution system is highly compatible with third-party software.


Better monitoring and centralised control for admin


There is no geographical and demographical restriction.