Unified Communications

Unified Communications is the technical process of providing different communication means on a single platform. In simple words, executing the integration of communication is termed as unified communication. Numerous researches have been conducted for ages to introduce the development of this technology. Due to the progression of internet connectivity and digital mode of communication has made unified communication practically possible in recent years.

Angel PBX, for its clients, has harnessed its resources to stay a step ahead of time in delivering the best mode of unified communication. We, in here, provide the most advanced model of the unified communication system to keep par with the Hosted PBX.

Unified Communications
How Unified Communication Works

How Unified Communication Works?

The basic methods of modern age communication are spot messages, voice calls, geo-location, conferencing, voice calls, integration of inbox, etc. With Unified Communication, you get all these and even more on the same platforms. With the Internet, the majority of the data are carried in digital form which makes the transfer of data on the same platform very easy as the basic structure of different contents is the same. Though, there is still a limitation of the speed of transfer which might delay the flexibility of transmission or exchange of data.

After periodical R&D, the limitation of speed during transmission over the internet has reinforced over time, though important change came with the digitization of these techniques. We have optimized the real-time data to work efficiently on these techniques to give the best result on quality unified communication.

The main advantage of unified communication is that the customers or users will be able to work on different applications on a single device. This means, now you will get access to a pager, phone, desktop, etc – all in one device.

Some of the other advantages of unified communication are:

  • It reduces response time
  • It establishes multimedia service
  • It enables effortless collaboration of real-time and non-real-time media
  • It has coordinated mailbox
  • It has single access point
  • It motivates online transactions
  • It is one of the simplified call management techniques.

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    The security of these technical instruments comes hand in hand. That’s why Angel PBX has adopted and established the modern and most protected practices to restore our services safely which will simultaneously keep your data safe.

    For Angel PBX, providing the effective digitization technique is not the only priority, it comes with its security as well. We would never like to compromise or take chances on Security. And unified communication comes with some important protection medium.

    With continuous improvement, we have been capable of keeping things intricately and secure all our users from cyber attacks. We have balanced out the utilization of quality services and protected communication over Hosted PBX.

    Let’s take a look on the unmatchable features of Hosted PBX services:

    # It effectively connects mobile devices on network.
    # It seamlessly connects different channels on same network.
    # It remotes user-integration.
    # It establishes tagging of call voice.
    # It promotes advanced automatic call distribution.
    # It provides unlimited extensions.
    # It efficiently direct inward dialing.
    # It makes available of multiple softphone options and many more features.