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Angel PBX offers the unique 800 vanity numbers to explore more brand integrity, more calls, more queries, and more revenues. These vanity numbers free customers from the struggle to memorize your business phone number. Our vanity numbers are available in various collections and with unique features. These numbers when dialed from any extension, spell out user-defined word or phrase that is relatable to your venture. With our custom vanity phone numbers customers will be benefitted from free-to-dial features as well as highly memorable numbers that enable brand awareness.

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1800 Vanity Numbers With Angel PBX

Angel PBX has mastered in not only offering the engaging business phone number that bolsters call traffic but also enables businesses to make the most of the increased call traffic. We have also packed for you many VoIP-based phone services associated with our toll-free vanity numbers. These services include PBX solutions, call center solutions, etc. By opting for these services via our Cloud, it will help businesses to enable and function from anywhere and anytime. Angel PBX owns extremely skilled telecommunication teams who are available 24*7 to help you with any operational issues.

Starting from set-up and installation to adaptation of vanity numbers, Angel PBX is going to take care in minutes. We also provide a 10-days free trial service to our customers to test out our services before making an actual purchase. Get in touch with us to know how you can avail of all the benefits of vanity numbers.

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Features Of Vanity Toll Free Numbers

We have made available a wide range of vanity toll-free numbers for the US, UK, and other countries.

Get the extensive features of advanced call forwarding, routing, and distribution.

You can welcome callers with customized greeting messages of the company.

We also offer plug-and-play setup which is available within minutes.