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Select a unique local number and you will be able to create a local presence by expanding your business which will reach worldwide. This will boost up your sales and you will be able to manage both regional and international clients effectively.Virtual Office solutions of the Angel PBX will be extremely helpful as no business can run without communications. Our solutions contain high-class voice calling for any locations without local setup. It brings the ease of connecting with international staff on a similar network. By opting for these services you get grandest enterprise-class connection features like Hosted IVR System, call forwarding, call routing, call recording, etc.


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Angel PBX acknowledges that establishing a virtual business is not easy. When a business operates with many freelance employees located in different parts of the world, maintaining equal operations is a challenging task. Whereas the traditional telecommunication system was expensive, it was not result-oriented. To avoid such challenges, Angel PBX’s Virtual Office Services is a flawless communication system designed for you, bridging the gap between you and your employee for free. It also enables you to monitor their performances effectively.

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Benefits Of Your Virtual Phone System

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You will be able to monitor live calls and performances from everywhere.

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There are no demographical restrictions

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It is highly compatible with mobile devices

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There is no limitation on the expansion of extensions

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In addition, vanity numbers are also available.